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Brendan Murphy, Founder


Welcome to Social Commerce

Travel suppliers have a burning question...

"How do you sell more travel products and experiences through social media while also protecting your brand and existing distribution channels?"

Enter TripAlertz. We are a group of passionate travelers who also happen to be avid users of social media. To drive consumers to your doors through these new mediums, you need to engage them. A recent study by Forrester Research confirms this, as it is predicted by 2014 interactive marketing will near $55 billion and represent 21% of all marketing spend.

Interactivity is what our platform is all about... we give our community the keys to travel and let them drive, which creates a simple, fun, and social experience before they arrive.

Remember the character Lester Bangs (rock journalist/mentor) in the movie Almost Famous? "I'm telling you, you're coming along at a very dangerous time for rock and roll. They will strangle everything we love about it." This is what modern travel sites are doing, making travel a transaction, a robotic process that takes everything we love out of travel. We are here to bring the fun back to travel purchasing...

We invite you to join us in this quest, and we promise, you will receive a high volume of sales while also demonstrating the power of your brand. Happy selling...

The TripAlertz Team

10 Great Reasons to Partner with TripAlertz

1 Guaranteed Group Business: We deliver 20, 50, or 500+ customers per transaction through our proprietary Aggregation/Alertz model.
2 Risk-free advertising: Submit travel product into our pipeline (for free) to be voted on and booked by travelers. We only get paid on the business we generate, so relax, be creative, and have fun watching the sales roll in.
3 Virtual Word of Mouth: Have your product spread throughout the virtual universe. Because the price decreases as more travelers sign up, buyers have an incentive to do the marketing for you.
4 Advanced Bookings: Based on the acceptance, voting, and booking period being up to 3 weeks, we are a tool to drive advance bookings (avg. 45-60+ days)
5 Cure from the Rate Integrity Blues: Travelers perceive your discounts as being given because they are part of an online community and large quantities of travelers are purchasing a specific offer. This model makes simple sense to consumers.
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6 Repeat Business: Access to a younger demographic - cool, hip, 25-40 year-old savvy travelers who plan on spending more on travel in the coming years.
7 Value Travel: Our innovative model aggregates virtual groups around relevant social experiences: eco-tourism, cultural, and adventure, among others.
8 No GDS Fees: Our model operates outside the GDS so you can take those savings and use them as incentives to build larger groups of travelers.
9 Simple order processing: We provide easy online access to downloadable rooming lists and reports as well as quick settlement with single-use use credit cards.
10 We don't leave you hanging: Inventory blocks are held for only 2-3 weeks. Once the "deal" clock hits zero, we release unsold space.

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