Our Sustainability Commitment
TripAlertz and our investors are committed to sustainability of travel and the environment. For every sale we generate, we donate 1% of TripAlertz' direct revenue to your choice of the following four sustainability efforts. If you do not choose, we will split the money between all four causes.

Travel is one of the most cultural, enriching, and social experiences in the world. Help us preserve it while also preserving our beautiful planet and ecosystems. You will be prompted to make your selection on the credit card page after you have selected a trip, or feel free to send a donation to these causes regardless if you book. We do not add this fee onto your trip, this comes out of our revenue. Thanks for your support of these wonderful causes.

The Pachamama Alliance
The Pachamama Alliance is based on the recognition that those of us in the modern world share a deep connection with the people who call the rainforest their home - each of us having a critical stake in the health and well being of this vital element in our global life support system. We also recognize that indigenous people are the Rainforests' natural custodians, and therefore, key strategies of the alliance focus on strengthening their culture and empowering their ability to stand for and represent their own interests.

Visit their website for more details.